Why I love Within Temptation

December 21, 2014

within-temptationI would like to start this article by saying that although I have listened to every Within Temptation album (“rented” from the one click shop), and still do, I’m not totally preoccupied with it as “true fans” are. I don’t have clothes with the band’s name, I haven’t bought their comic books or been to any of their concerts (all of these due to lack of a personal income). But is what I’ve just mentioned a key factor regarding what it means to be a true fan? Yes. Is it the only one? No. You’re also a true fan when you’re anxiously waiting for the next album to appear, when you listen to their songs over and over again without getting even the least bit bored, when their songs inspire you to get off your ass and do something with/about yourself, when you’ve had a bad day and listening to their saddest song puts you in the most relaxing and cheerful mood possible.

Also, if you are genuine followers, you don’t slander them for experimenting with their sound. There are those who, at one poin say “They have changed so much! It’s so bad!”. Times change, sounds change, as has their initial metal/rock symphonic tone, but the band is still going strong with amazing lyrics and performances. Am I right or not, fellow Dragons?

Even more, my ears are addicted to this band thanks to its lead singer: Sharon den Adel. Her voice, alongside the excellent guitar skills of her husband, Robert Westerholt, and the terrific bass guitar performance of Jeroen van Veen, delivers hypnotizing melodies. And although some members have come and gone since the band’s beginning in 1996, these three have made a constant effort to deliver the most entrancing sounds that you can possibly hear. There’s something that makes northern Europeans great musicians… maybe it’s something in their drinking water.within temptation ice_phoenix_by_wtfan

The only other thing that makes me love Within Temptation is the overwhelming emotions their songs awaken in me. In my opinion, what makes any band extraordinary is the power to trigger the same, or almost the same, sensations you get when you fall in love with someone. That’s why I love Within Temptation. Their songs, especially Mother Earth and See Who I Am, lead me to fall in love over and over again with them, make me think about more important things, inspire me and push me to improve myself. What aspects of this band attract you? What songs drive you and brighten up your darkest, gloomiest of days?

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by Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

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