When the Sea Wept

December 7, 2014


I was a little boy when I
Fell deep in love with beautiful Shelly;
She is a girl who makes me fly,
She is as sweet as taste of cherry.
I like her smile, the way she walks,
I like the way she draws and talks,
I love she is forever her,
But now she`s dead, my lovely girl…


The sun was shinning in the garden,
I was relaxing near the tree
When Shelly came up from a sudden
To draw the flowers and the sea.
She was so charming with her eyes,
Her fancy hair and equal size.
She was so perfect to my soul,
She opened in my heart a door!

I looked at her, she was a dream,
A story told by ancient Greeks.
She felt the waves of the sun`s beam
Reaching her sweet and fruit red cheeks.
She didn`t say a word to me –
Not even did she draw the sea.
But I was hoping in my mind
She thought I was her lovely kind.

The following day I tried to speak.
Oh, yes, I liked her very much!
I really did – I kissed her cheek;
It was so sweet, her tender touch.
She also liked me like I did,
She was a girl, I was a kid.
And we were having fun together,
Only I thought we`d have forever…

We walked in smiles in small, green parks,
Enchanted by the large, blue sky;
She left my heart with bloody marks
Of dancing birds or stars which fly.
Once, we were running on the plain,
But suddenly – it came the rain.
We didn`t go, we didn`t stay,
We only kissed and flew away.

The more I spent my time with her
The more obsessed my mind became.
And all my dreams turned in a girl
With lovely smile, beautiful name!
My head was flooded and confused…
I asked my heart, she had refused –
She didn`t want her lovely eyes,
But killing her for sacrifice.

I was in love so much with her
I couldn`t have control of me,
For that I felt for my sweet girl,
For that it would attend to be (…)
So Shelly went to draw the sky,
The birds that danced and flew so high.
And all her blood had drowned the plain
And all my soul was full of pain…

I ran so fast I couldn`t see
Where I was going with my mind,
But finally I saw the sea
And suddenly I came up blind.
I wanted then to feel the waves
And how the water my soul takes
Because I had a wish for me:
To see the sea I couldn`t see!

And then I fell into the waves
To drown myself, to kill me all,
But there were fishers and they saved
My cloudy mind, my broken soul.
They took me to their house up there
But I was angry, I was scared,
So they just put me in the barn,
They let me crazy at the farm.

One day they left and I escaped,
It was a sunny, lovely day;
I ate, I drank, I had no faith,
I wouldn`t go, I wouldn`t stay.
When I was going up the stairs
I met a girl she wasn`t there;
She wasn`t there again that day,
I wish, I wish she went away…

Image source: Tearstains

by Ruben-Laurențiu Venicius

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3 Responses to When the Sea Wept

  1. Alina Andreea Catarau on December 9, 2014 at 8:50 pm

    This poem reminds me of the Romantic poets (Byron, Pushkin and even Eminescu) due to the beautiful depiction of love and of the innocent girl, but it also has echos of Poe’s “Annabel Lee”, due to its haunting imagery from the last two stanzas.
    It’s a wonderful poem!

  2. Ruben-Laurentiu on January 15, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    multumesc mult, Alina Andreea; puteai sa spui si in romana :*

    • Alina Andreea Catarau on January 16, 2015 at 5:29 pm

      E ca o lege nescrisă ca la articolele/poeziile în engleză comentariile să apară tot în aceeași limbă. Bineînțeles, nu este obligatoriu, dar nouă ne place să ‘ne jucăm’ astfel de dragul interacțiunii cu followerii din alte țări. E o variantă de a rupe barierele lingvistice. 🙂

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