January 2, 2016

“You are a sincere moralist.
You touch me with your pretty fingers.
I am like a pure terrorist,
Revolutions are occurring as you wish.”

My lovelies, today I want to speak about a 1999 song, Gackt’s Vanilla.vanilla elitere Gackt There are various versions you can turn to, one sexier than the other, and I can guarantee that you will enjoy each and every one of them. I discovered this song some ten years ago, a time when I was just learning about what Japan had to offer in terms of Visual Kei and Jrock/ Jpop. It’s addictive and it can mark the first tiny step towards knowing more about a new culture.

Vanilla is from a time when Gackt was very young and very blonde. I could never look at him and think “I agree with this man” or “I think that’s exactly how he is”… and I still don’t, not for more than five seconds. He’s got an… interesting way of looking at himself and at those around him and I don’t agree with him, more often than not. But his music is exactly what I’m looking for when I need something I cannot name. This particular song brings forth a more sexual side of Gackt, one he does not keep hidden, even when (as I see it) that makes him lean towards awkward instead of sensual.

Anyway, we have a video. It’s a bit strange and chaotic, but entertaining. And our dear musician looks as if he stepped straight out of an anime (thumbs up, I appreciate that aspect). Good luck trying to understand what’s actually happening in the clip. But that’s alright, mostly because it’s all eyes on Gackt, as always. Who could ever ignore that man? I’ll be honest, though. As much as I complain that there aren’t enough videos for his songs (we need more), in this case I prefer a live performance. Vanilla oozes energy, there’s no reason not to get up and dance or just jump around when you hear it. And I think that said energy is better captured and shared with the audience in concerts.

If the video is quite tame, the lyrics are quite suggestive. And a bit ridiculous, if the English translations I found are accurate. But the meaning is more than obvious and the sound is catchy. Do you remember when I wrote about Sakurasou? That song was about love and innocence; this one is about lust and sex, plain and simple. Its lyrics definitely go hand in hand with the image built over the years through interviews.

Listen to Vanilla whenever you want, it’s nice hearing it first thing in the morning (but not before coffee) or late in the evening. It’s a song that will get you moving and, on a different note, it could also be an impulse to discover more of Gackt’s songs and the path he followed as time went by.

by Elena Atudosiei

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