Train to Infinity and Beyond

May 21, 2017

train to infinity elitere

Travelling on a near empty subway,
Completely relaxed, thoughts playfully drifting astray.
Staring blankly, smiling like a fool,
Enjoying the wide open space, harnessing its comfort as a creative tool;
Enjoying the car’s gentle wobble,
Neurons with words play tag,
Stress to the face hit by a frag.
The train’s sound becomes that of a space shuttle,
You are an astronaut floating in earth’s orbit…
problems and sorrows cower and scuttle.
Your eyes pierce the infinity of space,
Hands strangling greed’s burdening disgrace,
Ears discard discrimination,
Lust for power, hate… die by freezing to death and suffocation.
Your hands… those of a giant,
Conqueror of galaxies, a planet crusher, to which even wormholes become compliant.

by Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

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