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February 18, 2015

haters tom hiddleston elitereI haven’t forgotten about Tom Hiddleston, my lovelies. I’m sure that, like me, you are waiting for films like Crimson Peak or I Saw the Light. I actually put together this article because I was reading some interviews to help me write a different review. I thought… why not? So what if we already have a set of quotes from Tom Hiddleston on eLitere? Let’s add another one! Enjoy!


I love poetry, and I love poetry about love… all of the trimmings have been stripped away, and really great poets have got to the heart of the matter by using very, very few, brilliant words, to make you feel something, which, for most people, is inexpressible.” (source)

“My instinct is to keep people guessing. I think as an actor your greatest strength is your versatility, I suppose. The blanker the canvas, the easier it is to project the illusion of a character onto it. I think there are many actors who do that very successfully.” (source)

“As you’re becoming a teenager, you’re starting to become aware of your skillset. You might be an amazing footballer or you might be an amazing sprinter or you might be a painter, or you’re really good at drawing or you’re an amazing pianist or singer or something. But your talents, in a way – your natural talents – are starting to emerge and you just lean towards stuff and I just did play after play after play. And, I was a cinephile, like everybody else. I think all children and teenagers are movie-lovers, in a way.” (source)

“We have the capacity to experience every aspect of life, don’t we? There’s love, generosity, hope, kindness, laughter and all the good only lovers left alive eliterestuff. And then there’s grief, hatred, jealousy and pain. The way I see it, life is about trying to get to a place where you feel happy with the chords that you are playing. I’m lucky because I can experiment with all the different notes, via my work. And when I hit the right notes, I like to think that I’m conveying some sort of truth.” (source)

Some people have been a bit obsessive about attributing responsibility for things that have happened in their lives to me. You want to say: ‘Bless you for saying those nice things, but I’ve done nothing’. You sort of have to talk them off the ledge a bit. But that’s the nature of obsession. I know a lot of other actors who’ve dealt with it.” (source)

“I do feel that the whole point of Shakespeare is that it is for everyone, it is not just for academics who want to quibble over scansion and line readings. Shakespeare is meant to be performed and played with and cut and pasted and reinvented and reinvigorated for every culture in every time. I think if film is a way of popularising it or disseminating it into the broader demographic, then we will have done our jobs.” (source)

We made Loki out of Shakespearean characters. We talked about King Lear with its two brothers, Macbeth with his ambition, the way Iago spins every situation for self-interest. In every possible way, Kenneth Branagh has been my inspiration; there is no way that I would be where I am now without him.” (source)

“I think we need superheroes to be reminded of the primacy of generosity and kindness and humility. Even when I watched this film… I love Loki, but I’m punching the air when the hero’s winning. I’m clapping along with everybody else when I get Hulk smashed. There’s something really innately inherited, I think, about redemption. We all are just intensely moved by it. And superheroes offer that redemption narrative really cleanly, I think.” (source)

I remember as a young actor being treated contemptuously by people I hoped would be great. And I thought, You’ve got this tom hiddleston elitereamazing life, you’ve probably got everything you want, why are you behaving like a cock? I knew that if I ever found myself in that position, I’d remember to treat people with equanimity and kindness.” (source)

Real love is strange and changeable… but also somehow constant. These characters [Adam and Eve] are ancient, their lives are long, they’ve seen things grow and die. So you’re picking up conversations that might have been happening for years, centuries even. I like that.” (source)

If I lived forever, who knows what I would do? I would certainly get better at the piano. I would try to learn how to paint. I think I would try to read all the books I haven’t read. When I was a child, the house was full of books – the walls were lined with bookshelves – and I remember looking up at them once and thinking, ‘I wonder if I’ll ever be able to read all those books?’ and my mother said, ‘It’s all right; you’ve got loads of time.’ But actually we don’t have that much time – I know I won’t. There will be things I’ll miss out on.” (source)

by Elena Atudosiei


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2 Responses to Tom Hiddleston Quotes 2

  1. Soraia on February 18, 2015 at 1:07 pm

    Well, I guess I’ll never get bored even if there are millions of news, texts or interviews about Tom ehehehe
    He always has something significant to talk, very kind and intelligent.
    I really hope he stays that way: humble , kind, intense, and receiving many job offers 😀

    Thanks for the quotes ^^

    • Elena Atudosiei on February 18, 2015 at 5:48 pm

      There’s no such thing as boredom when it comes to Tom Hiddleston. I’m glad you liked the quotes! 🙂

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