‘Tis Music

July 24, 2016

tis music elitere

Can you feel the heat?
Do you sense every single atom boiling off your skin?
Do you feel so good you think
“Not religious, but it’s so amazing! Enjoying it must surely be a sin!” ?
Well congrats, my friend, for getting off your seat!
Nod your head like you’ve never felt pain or sorrow,
Strum your fingers like a rockstar
giving his last performance before it all ends tomorrow,
Strain yourself and let it all burn,
Full speed out of every turn.
For ’tis music that fuels you,
The sound so colorful and bright… it consumes you,
’tis music that makes you feel like a princess or warrior,
’tis music that puts you on a luxury airliner
or the most badass naval destroyer,
’tis music that pumps you full of adrenaline
for the maximum amount of fun,
’tis music that leads you to dance on the Sun.

Image source: kingofwallpapers

by Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

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