The Way Out

August 2, 2014

david niven

What do you do when everything crumbles?
How do you react when you’re bound by invisible shackles?
Thrown away into the darkest of dungeons, your mind left to rot,
Where mere seconds seem like decades and every little apparent escape is immediately blocked?
Every sense you have urges you to let go
For why should you care, why shouldn’t you simply sink that low?
Why not give into faith’s hands and fade into nothingness?
Cease your sanity for the sake of a fool’s progress?
The answer is plain to see if you can focus for a short moment,
And notice the little light shining through a minuscule crack in the walls of your entombment;
Head towards it and there you’ll uncover
The true reason for you to escape and recover.
Rush to it and don’t worry,
That small light is enough to make your demons run and scurry;
They flee because the light holds what they hate the most,
They flee because hard work, friendship and love are your constant host.

by Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

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