The Spanish Dancer

December 16, 2014

the spanish dancer

I’m watching you dance in the old tavern
and every step you take,
every twist or spin of your body,
every wild look you send
and every sound of your voice
makes me fall in love more and more.

I wonder how she resists your charms
when you look straight into her eyes;
if I were in her place, I would freeze right on the spot
and when you touched me, I would melt like a candle.

How I wish to be near you and take the chance for a dance with you!

I picture us having fun on the Majorcan beach,
gathered around a big campfire with all your talented musicians;
you would teach me how to dance like the girl you are holding now in your arms
and your unearthly songs would mesmerize my mind.

Tell me, handsome… are you as passionate in love as you are about dancing?

by Alina Andreea Cătărău

Image source: Hamish Blakely

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