Telescopes Instead of Eyes

December 17, 2014


Cosmic Field Trip II

Let your mind explore
The wonders unlimited that would keep your blood rushing in continuous, furious uproar;
What the skies would look like,
How every second would be so precious that you would never lose sight,
Never miss the slightest movement on the busy cosmic highways.

Allow yourself the freedom,
Permit yourself the liberty of visualizing stars being born, worlds and galaxies colliding,
Supernovas bursting out and henceforth sending particles with life in their programming,
Comets and asteroids doing their laps through solar systems,
Exo-planets in galactic hallways, poor cold, lonely phantoms,
Remnants of bygone eras, orphans of overcrowded star neighborhoods,
Occasionally adopted by the gravity of other splendors– blue and red giants.
All this and so much more endless options remain available
If you had telescopes for eyes… just try and fathom
the endless magnificence of sliding down the cosmic rabbit hole.

by Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

Image source: dinyctis

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