April 9, 2014


These chains are wrapped around so tight
that not even my soul can move;
I shiver for the cold and humid wall is my bed
and it is so quiet in here that my heartbeats echo.

I barely can see the silvery net of a spider
and I hear the insect’s movement,
also I feel the bats crushing on my body
as if I were a crystal-clean window,
and the rats wander continuously on the floor.

It seems that Time is locked in the same dungeon with me
and it became my confidential mate.

I raise my head up, looking at the ceiling,,
knowing that someday the clouds will fade away
and the first victorious rays of sun
will make their way through the walls somehow
and my soul will fly like a restless bird,
feeling the air of freedom underneath its wings;
then I will look straight into the sunlight
without being afraid of getting blind!

Thus, I will leave behind all my destructive thoughts and fears.


by Alina Andreea Cătărău

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