N’oubliez Jamais

January 6, 2015

n'oubliez jamaisOn December 22nd, British rock and blues singer Joe Cocker passed away and, even though I wasn’t a fan of his music, I liked a couple of songs that everybody recognizes easily. Though You Can Leave Your Hat On, Summer in the City and Unchain My Heart may change my mood, today I chose to write about a more laid-back song.

N’oubliez Jamais appeared on the 1997 album Across From Midnight and it’s a sort of dialogue between a child or a teenager and his parents. The song tackles life issues such as time (the fading youth of the parents and the free-spirited character of the children), memories and outlooks on life.

As it happened to some of us, the child doesn’t understand why his father and mother still listen to the same old songs instead of trying more modern beats. The answer is that the parents have their own reasons for clinging to a certain melody, because it reminds them of their youth, rebellion and the desire to love. The father advises the child not to forget that every generation is different and that it changed the world by disobeying the rules of the previous ones. Thus, every young person or one’s generation should create one’s own way in life or dance one’s own dance. The parents (through their experience) conclude that the search for love and fame is a gamble; humans will usually get tired very fast of those two achieved goals or they will end up being disappointed.

Before ending my review, I want to add that this bluesy song has also a music video in which I recognized French actress Catherine Deneuve. The video is made of alternations between images from the past and the present, which symbolize the memories of a bygone youth kept between the pages of a photo album and the joy of reviving them with the help of someone dear to one’s heart.

by Alina Andreea Cătărău

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