Music matters

April 15, 2014


A jolt… for the mind and body a wakeup call,
A force which energy, joy and happiness easily combines,
As our fears and worries it undermines,
A hurricane against misery’s weak wall.

It’s different for every individual,
It’s tailored customly so each of us can find it formidable;
It sparks freedom at different frequencies,
It holds infinite possibilities,
It can be for one a stroke of genius,
And be held by others as something utterly preposterous.

The harmonies which soothe us so, you inflict,
The torturing demons ,you convict.
Our souls are endlessly flourishing,
Constantly in touch, addicted to your nurturing.
The ground crumbles, we feel like everything is at stake,
We look around thinking we must not be awake,
But we notice we are and that you’ve sent us racing through the universe at the speed of light,
You make us part ofall its wonders with no restriction or border in sight.
You are a powerful ally and we need not another seek.
Thank you, dear music!

by Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

Music Matters II

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