July 10, 2016

moonwalk michael jackson elitereI have always been a dreamer. I set goals for myself. I look at things and try to imagine what is possible and then hope to surpass those boundaries.

Instead of going for a song, I decided to bring Michael Jackson on eLitere through his 1988 book, Moonwalk. Usually, I’m not exactly interested in autobiographies, but I was curious to see what this artist has to say about himself and his work.

I knew much of the information found in Moonwalk and, to be honest, I wouldn’t have finished reading it if it were written by someone else. However, considering the fact that the book holds bits and pieces of Michael Jackson’s life from childhood until 1985, I definitely recommend it to his fans and to those who simply wish to know more about him. He speaks a lot about his songs, about how and why they were created. I wasn’t interested in that until I stopped reading for a bit and realized what I was actually holding before me: another way to “see” his passion. He knew how to make money, how to open new paths for artists and how to give life to what he loved. When he writes about his songs (for example Thriller, Bad or The Lady in My Life), he brings to light memories, doubts and hopes.

Looking back, I find it incredibly interesting to see on paper a sort of rough draft of his plans for the future. There were issues with the press even back then, but nothing like what came in the 90’s. I wonder if he ever re-read Moonwalk, to put face to face his dreams and what actually happened, both with his career and in his personal life. For me, it was almost painful to do so and it left a certain bitterness behind. There are things that could have been avoided, but he was only a man. His kindness and his mistakes used to weigh more than those of an average man.

Anyway… among other things, we read about Michael Jackson’s growing fame, about the people he loved the most, and of his need to offer the best version of what he could create. We’ll never get the chance to sit, maybe have a drink with him, and actually get to know him. It takes time to know our own selves, our friends and family. Why should anyone claim that they knew everything about this artist if they only saw him from the outside? They shouldn’t and we don’t even need that. We have his songs, interviews, this book and poems. Through them, he remains present.

One last detail before I end this review with a couple of quotes from Moonwalk: read it until the end. At times it will seem than we focus too much on a song or the connection between two topics appeared seemingly out of nowhere, but I think we can overlook that. I can, because I didn’t choose this book expecting to find a hidden literary gem, but because I love Michael Jackson’s work and this book pulled me to it. Shame it’s not longer, more details could have been added, but this will have to be enough for the moment.

We knew change was always good, that it helped us grow.

China and Japan were places that helped me grow because these countries made me understand there was more to life than the things you could hold in your hand or see with your eyes.

An artist’s imagination is his greatest tool.

I believe in wishes and in a person’s ability to make a wish come true.

by Elena Atudosiei

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