Moment of Silence

May 7, 2016

moment of silence elitereIn the darkest nights feel the power in you
Take a moment of silence and fight for the truth
Watching the days go by nothing changed, nothing new
Take a moment of silence and fight for the truth.

Almost every year, the National Final for the Eurovision Song Contest ends up or it is linked to a scandal in my country – either the lines are busy and the fans of a certain singer aren’t able to vote or some artists don’t understand that it’s okay to lose, because that’s why it is a contest. However, this year a different kind of scandal occurred, though it was pretty predictable. I won’t get too deep into this matter, because it involves economics, poor administration and politics, as it usually happens. Long story short, Romania can’t participate anymore in the ESC, because the deadline for TVR (Romanian Television) to pay its piling debt to EBU (European Broadcasting Union) has expired and the Government refused to help. EBU “has withdrawn member services from Romanian public service broadcaster”.

Even if Ovidiu Anton will not compete in the famous European song contest, I’m going to review his song anyway, because I LOVE it and it has already found a cosy place in my heart. As some of you already know, the song is entitled Moment of Silence and though some people speculated that the song commemorates the victims of the Colectiv nightclub fire from last autumn, the rocker explained that the song is actually about Romania and every Romanian can relate to it.

Allow me to elaborate. The strong social message of this symphonic rock song is that you must speak your mind or revolt non-violently against those who treat you like a second-hand citizen in your own country. They (aka the politicians) don’t care how you live or if you have enough money to pay the taxes they collect, because they only need your vote once every four or five years. To reach their goal, they lie or promise they will solve the social and economic problems of the country and after they are given the chance to change something, a sudden amnesia strikes them. You wait for four years in dismay or consumed by hatred until the cycle repeats itself on and on. Power is a seductive and perverted invisible mistress. They seem to be unable to see the whole picture of the country they rule.

This song is both about them (and their arroganceThey parade, laughing at us as we fade), us and the fact that we have to change the wrong decisions they make. The strong message of the song, the triumphant instrumental and the empowering melody make you want take action, stand tall and speak out loud without being afraid that someone will start an argument. It is all about courage, finding the truth, taking risks in order to change something for the better and being united by a common goal. Hate always separates people, but I think that we should focus more on what ideas and values bring us together. We should also respect others more. Be open to diverse opinions, as long as they are decent and don’t involve personal attacks or bullying.

Before I go, I want to add that Moment of Silence would also make a great soundtrack for any battle scene or revolt taking place in a dystopian, fantasy or sci-fi movie or novel. It can inspire the protagonist or the good guys to fight for justice, freedom, truth or any noble human virtue and it can motivate them to find the strength to defeat their enemies.

by Alina Andreea Cătărău

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