Matthew Santoro’s World of Facts

December 7, 2014

matthewThe internet can be a magical and interesting place if you know where to look and if you have enough patience to search hard for topics you love. For today’s article I thought we should write about a youtuber whose work and dedication I truly admire and my dear friend Elena accepted to join in.

Matthew Santoro is a Canadian former accountant, who began making funny fact videos on Youtube after watching other people’s content and after noticing the feedback they received from their fans. As time went by, the quality of the videos increased and the lists of facts became more professional and more educational than before. Matt himself admits that he verifies the information he finds on the Internet in three different places, just to be sure it is not false. He also advises his viewers to follow his example, because not everything that is posted online is actually true. Furthermore, he used to show his acting skills through four personas, of which only Eugene, the nerdy one, still appears from time to time in the lists of facts videos.


It would have been impossible for me to say no, especially since I found Matthew Santoro’s videos thanks to Alina. Right from the get-go, let me tell you this: I love them and I am happy that I haven’t seen all of them yet. When I want to see an interesting video, I know that I can check his channels and I will find something great. He has a job where he does what he loves. How many people can say that? If you ask me, not enough. It takes a lot of time, obviously, but the end result is worth the effort.I don’t always watch his daily vlogs, but the weekly videos are a must now. A couple of times I wasn’t particularly interested in the topic Matt chose, but I still watched the videos. Why? Because he’s entertaining and there’s always a little something that sparks my curiosity. So don’t be surprised if his videos will make you want to go and learn some more about a certain topic.


I cannot remember exactly when I came across Matt Santoro’s main channel, but I know that another amazing channel I subscribed to previously (Alltime10s) liked his video about The 10 CRAZIEST Religions in the World!; it seemed very cool and fascinating at the same time,matthew 2 due to Matt’s humour, laidback attitude and the brief yet mind-blowing facts he talks about. After that video, I watched a few more and then I subscribed to his channel and I haven’t regretted a bit so far. That’s because his videos embrace various topics and the fact that Matt chooses different effects for each video, making them unique. There are many videos to watch, but some of my favourites are: The 10 FREAKIEST Coincidences in History!Things I Can Tell My Grandchildren10 Fictional Places That Actually EXIST!, the 50 Amazing Facts series, 28 Things I’ve Learned in 28 Years!The 10 Most Haunted Place on Earth!10 Differences between Canada &America!Going to University for the Wrong Reasons and so on.


I would like to add Urban Legends, The 10 Most Mind-Twisting Paradoxes of All Time (I love Doctor Who) and 10 Most Incredible Archaeological Discoveries in History. And that’s only to name a few. Honestly, how do people actually choose? Most of his videos are like lessons you have fun learning. It’s impossible not to remember something after you’ve watched them: a fact, a joke or Matt’s bright smile. Trust me, that smile says a lot.


Besides his main channel (Matthew Santoro) that has reached over 2 million subscribers, Matt has also a second channel, named MatthewSantoro2, where he posts daily vlogs about his life, answers for Q&As and also reads letters and opens packages sent by his fans. I personally love watching Mail with Matt as much as his weekly Saturday video on his main channel, even though the mail videos are usually over an hour long. It really touches my soul when I hear that Matt’s work and optimism helped children and young people fight depression or to cope with cruel illnesses such as cancer. However, besides the kind and appreciative words fans write to their beloved youtuber, they are also sending coins and bills from all around the world, drawings of him, origami, sweets, stylized letter openers, but also weird stuff, which I will let you see for yourself in the Mail with Matt series.


matthew 3If you follow Matt’s main channel, you will see more of his professional side. I can’t see how anyone could possibly get bored while watching his videos. Choose something you like and enjoy it. If you follow the second channel, you will see a personal side. I will let you discover it on your own.

One last thing before allowing you to enjoy his work. I learnt years ago that it’s not exactly a good idea to read the comments on youtube. Be careful when you go there. Watch the videos, offer feedback and know that it’s perfectly fine not to like everything someone you admire does. But don’t be a troll. Until next time, my lovelies! I’m going to watch (again) Matt’s latest video.

by Alina Andreea Cătărău and Elena Atudosiei

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