Lust, Money and Murder

November 9, 2015

lust money and murder elitereBook 1: Lust

A Female Secret Agent Takes on an International Criminal

As well as in Devika Fernando’s case, I received the link to Mike Wells’ first book of Lust, Money & Murder series on Twitter, from the bestselling American writer himself. So today I’m going to leave aside my dear classics and Romance novels and I’m going to stir your curiosity with Mike Wells’ crime novel.

As a child, Elaine Brogan had a special bond with her father and she was detail-oriented, a gift that will help her later in life. When Elaine was sixteen, she became a model, but, after spending a huge amount of money for her humble condition, she realised that everything the agency promised her was just a scam. The sum of money she received back was actually counterfeit.  Unfortunately, her father paid for his daughter’s naivety. He was wrongly accused of  “a Class C felony, punishable by up to 12 years in prison” and he was also accused of theft because “her father had been robbing construction sites to put her through Bromley” – a better school for Elaine. Patrick’s sacrifice for his daughter’s future and the fact that he didn’t want to drag her with him into jail really made me cry and think of my dad, who would have probably done the same for me.

Elaine’s life drastically changes after her father commits suicide in prison. She seeks revenge against Ronald Eskew, the man who gave her the counterfeit money, and joins the Secret Service. Elaine goes through many tough tests which make her a cold, calculated, independent woman, aware that her beauty that can be used as a tool. Isn’t she fit to become a secret agent? She is harshly trained to react fast to unexpected situations such as terrorist attacks and threats against the President of the USA.

Overall, this book was interesting and different from what I usually read. I can’t say I was totally into it, I enjoyed the prologue and Elaine’s story until her father’s death. The college period and the training part made me lose interest a bit, until the secret agent was sent to Bulgaria, where her missions caught my attention again. However, the jaw-dropping  twists towards the end tempt me to buy the whole series. I bet there are many people like me, who would like to learn more about Elaine’s journey. Until the next review, find a little time to read a great book, old or new.

by Alina Andreea Cătărău

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