Lust, Money and Murder 2

December 14, 2015

lust money murder 2 elitereBook 2: Money (Lust, Money & Murder)

A Female Secret Agent Takes on  an International Criminal

WarningLust Money & Murder is a book series where every book is the continuation of the previous one. If you haven’t read the first book and you are interested in doing so, please return to my review after  finishing it, because this article contains spoilers from the first book.

The previous time we encountered Elaine Brogan, she was in big trouble, because she found out from Gene Lassiter that her boss and love interest (Nick LaGrange) was also involved in counterfeiting money. To be more precise, he took bribes from criminals in order to hide the wrongdoings from the Secret Service. Therefore, the Interpol was looking for him. The unexpected news struck both Elaine’s heart, because she loved him and didn’t want him to get hurt, but also her mind, because she “had falsified her DOPS to cover Nick’s tracks”.

Accompanied by her former trainer from the Secret Service Academy, Gene Lassiter, Elaine is going to the Treasury Department in Washington, where she will be given the painstaking task of identifying the imperfections in the fake US dollar banknotes sent to the Treasury, in order to create an updated verification software that will detect the counterfeit money. Afterwards, the information will be sent worldwide, in order to catch the criminal and to detect the KBA Giori intaglio printing press they used to counterfeit money. They were looking for a particular criminal who produced fake money, of which hundreds of US dollars have passed undetected by the verifier from San Remo casino. Another interesting fact is that the Italian hooker, who exchanged the counterfeit money, went missing. But this disappearance will probably be solved in another book of this series.

Due to his health problems (or so it seems), Lassiter cannot travel to Moscow to implement the verification software there, so Elaine unwillingly volunteers to go in his place. Hm, will it be that easy to accomplish her mission? What dangers will she encounter in the Russian capital and beyond and who wants to harm her? Is there anyone she can truly trust? Things will get pretty tangled for the secret agent and the brilliant way Mr. Wells built the plot makes the reader scratch one’s head wondering if the truth will ever surface from all the lies and if Elaine will be able to stay true to her principles.

I have to tell you that this book is amazing. It holds many unexpected twists that make you say, at least a couple of times, Huh? while reading it and the Muscovite adventures make your adrenaline level rise. I personally thought that I was mentally watching an action film,  but it’s better than any blockbuster. Maybe the author should consider turning this series into films. It really has the potential for it. If I couldn’t fully commit to the first book, this one was really addictive  and I cannot wait to read the third book of Mr. Wells’ series.

by Alina Andreea Cătărău

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