Love of My Life

March 7, 2016

love of my life queen

When I grow older/ I will be there at your side/ To remind you how I still love you

Out of all the books I wanted to review this month, I chose to begin with… a song. Why? Because I can’t get it out of my mind. Not that I actually want to do that, I love it. I’m talking about Queen‘s Love of My Life. Seriously, it’s perfect… can anyone actually find a flaw? If, for some strange reason, you haven’t listened to it already, do so as soon as possible!

I like the melody’s softness and strength, the painfully beautiful lyrics. I’m not interested in listening to anyone but Freddie Mercury singing them. I didn’t know that the song speaks of an actual relationship, that it is about Mary Austin. There are times when I overlook such details. I don’t know what’s the story which led to the writing of this song, I’ve only read bits and pieces about Freddie Mercury’s life. However, listening to Love of My Life, I imagine a bittersweet tale, of love and passion… of what was and what could have been.

There’s also a sense of loss to it all, but somehow it makes everything more appealing. Not because the love story came to an end, but because it did not leave anger or resentment behind. The relationship followed a different path, but fond memories are there to remind the couple of what they once shared. Unless you want to make the words meaningless, you don’t call just about anyone “love of my life”. Perhaps this love from Freddie Mercury’s life left behind respect and affection, along with a song which slowly draws you to it.

Let me end this with a few words about the lyrics from the beginning. The way I see it, Love of My Life holds a promise. I’d like to believe that they were more than words on paper, however, beyond the story behind the song, it’s up to us to help those words take flight. It’s touching, really. It’s not a long song, it’s easy to follow the lyrics even when you are busy. If you want to pay attention to it, perfect. If not, it will slowly fade into the background, leaving behind bits and pieces you will remember later on.

by Elena Atudosiei  

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