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January 8, 2017

lee-joon-gi-1-elitereI haven’t written something like this in quite some time, but I felt that this article could be useful to our readers in the future. Why? Because towards the end of 2016 I watched a handful of Korean films and dramas I enjoyed more than I expected and they all have one thing (person) in common: Lee Joon-Gi (이준기). I feel like I should tell you that this post could easily take titles like “Why I/ Fans Love Lee Joon-Gi” (those familiar with eLitere know that we have a few similar articles here), but it felt strange typing a title other than the artist’s name. Take this as a sort of prequel, if you haven’t seen his films yet, or as a small… tribute, I suppose. After all, talented people deserve our attention.

So, who is this man? He is an artist from South Korea, one whose name always makes me want to see his films or listen to his songs. Because, let me tell you, he knows what he is doing. He is an amazing actor, a talented singer and a great dancer. Trust me, we don’t encounter people like him as often as we should and I would love to watch his popularity and influence grow over the years. He deserves to be known in his country and outside its borders. And when I speak of his influence, I’m not only thinking about his role in the film industry (although that’s also important), but also about the fact that he can inspire his fans to learn more about South Korea. Learn the language, study there, uncover a new culture… it will all be done because you want to, not because you are forced to do it.

I love Lee Joon-Gi’s voice and, while the lyrics of his songs aren’t always the best, I can’t help but turn to his music whenever I want to listen to a short song (or two, or more). If I’m busy, I’ll choose something else. I’m not going to lie, I’m not drawn to Lee Joon-Gi because of his music, but because of his acting. Watch Moon Lovers, Iljimae, Two Weeks, anything; I promise that, even if there might be problems with the plot here and there, his characters will be reason enough to follow the story until the end.

He doesn’t lack talent. He does his own stunts, his scenes can be incredibly heartbreaking, you will want to look closer at the way he builds his characters, and you will not forget them easily. Even when you cannot actually (fully) empathize with them, you enjoy every scene with them. Is talent enough? No, but when passion and hard work join it, the final product becomes addictive, especially since it seems that the actor becomes better with every new project.

Interviews with Lee Joon-Gi don’t interest me (there are quite a few online), but from what I’ve seen, I can tell you that he’s got everything I admire in an artist on and off screen. He’s handsome and elegant (I’ll pretend that some of the pictures we can find online don’t exist), but also funny and a bit awkward at times. There’s something mischievous about him whenever he is playful or flirty AND he is good to his fans. Now, this could also be a negative aspect since it might affect his personal life, but I trust that he knows that it’s important to offer and receive respect without putting others (especially strangers) above his own happiness.lee-joon-gi-2-elitere

I’m curious to hear how other fans came to discover Lee Joon-Gi’s work and why they admire him, so I look forward to reading your comments here or when I post new reviews. Until then, take the time to listen to some of his songs and watch a film or two. Try a drama as well, most of them aren’t that long and they are complete, therefore it will not take long for you to watch all the episodes. I promise you won’t regret it.

by Elena Atudosiei

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