Last Song

April 7, 2016

last song gackt elitere

Walking around aimlessly by myself
Breathing a faint sigh, my breath turns white
Seasons change, and in this fleeting season..
My tears fall for no reason
“Even now, I still love you”

The lyrics are from the beginning of Gackt’s 2003 song, Last Song. When I discovered his music, this one was among the first melodies I listened. I fell in love with the song right away, with the singer’s voice, with the story it told and even with the video. It’s about love and sadness and it is heartbreaking. To be honest, I think that this kind of songs are the best when Gackt Camui sings them. There’s something in his voice and in his body language that enchants you, especially when he sings live.

I feel rather bad for saying this, but sadness suits Gackt. To be clear, I’m not talking about his personal life (I truly hope he is happy), but about his songs in general. It’s fun to watch him jump around the stage full of energy or pushing forth the image of a sexy man, but… when he’s more serious, more melancholic, that’s when you truly feel how passionate and talented he is. Last Song speaks of a lost relationship, of love that slowly slipped into actions which caused pain. The music goes from one mood to another, from longing to near chaos, describing the relationship perfectly.

As for the clip, I believe that it could have been better, but it is enough to help the listeners understand the lyrics even if they do not speak the language. It grabs your attention and that’s what matters. The frame and the story itself take us through different moments of a relationship that came to an end, allowing us to witness small moments shared by a couple in love. Two young and beautiful people love and hurt one another until the day it all become too much. The house is shown as a little more than a ruin, it is no longer filled with light, joy and music. It stands as a silent witness of what was, a shadow of the former home.

The lovers follow different paths in the end. I felt no bitterness in the lyrics or in the video. There is a deep sadness, true, but also the wish to move on towards something else. A new love, new partners… a touch of regret. There should be a “to be continued” sign at the end of the clip. Not because it needs a sort of sequel, but because we are invited to imagine what might happen once the wounds are healed and good memories are brought closer to one’s heart.

by Elena Atudosiei

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