For a While

November 12, 2016


For a while
For a while
Can’t you be mine
Can I hold you again
Like that time?

I don’t know much about Korean actors, but I am familiar with Lee Joon-Gi‘s (이준기) work. Later on, you will see on eLitere reviews for certain films and drama series, but today I chose to speak about a song I found by accident. It’s called For a While and it tells a story of longing and lost love.

I can’t say that I remember exactly when I saw Lee Joon-Gi for the first time (I mean, it was The King and the Clown, but I don’t know the year when I first watched that film), but I do remember thinking that he is an amazing actor and that I wanted to see more of his work. The fact that I recently learnt that he can actually sing came as an incredibly pleasant surprise. While I am more interested in his acting, I truly enjoy just listening to him occasionally.

When you first hear For a While, you might be tempted to believe that it’s not particularly sad. There is a melancholic touch to it, but it’s not something which threatens to press heavily on your heart. That is, until you actually pay attention to both the title and the lyrics. For some reason, the lovers are no longer together. The song itself does not offer a reason, but I’ve seen the song and scenes from the film Never Said Goodbye brought together. That scenario adds a tragic dimension to the lyrics.

It’s bittersweet, really. We learn of memories which refuse to fade away, of feelings that cannot be forced to remain in the past… of the wish to have once more a few moments of happiness. Of course, the wish is not fulfilled and I imagine that a proper video for the song would not show a happy ending, but we would see flashbacks and maybe a hint of what is to come in the lovers’ lives.

It’s sad that songs like this one aren’t truly promoted more outside places like youtube. I wouldn’t mind turning on the radio and listening to a Korean or Japanese song every once in a while. We could always use a bit more diversity and, to be perfectly honest, I think that many artists who are less known in Europe and in the United States of America are too talented to be overlooked. Even more, their work will stay with you for a long time and maybe it will even inspire you to learn something new. Until next time!

by Elena Atudosiei

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