September 26, 2015

etude elitere gacktI know that I should probably pay more attention to Gackt’s newer songs, but I keep returning to older ones. This time, the one having my attention is Etude, from the 2005 album, Love Letter. But it’s an older piece, from the time of Cains:Feel. I’m glad it has not been lost, that we can listen to it now.

Music and Gackt’s voice come together flawlessly. There are times when I listen to his songs and I get distracted by certain words or by the changes in his voice. I did not experience that here, everything washed over me so gently that I didn’t even realise when it came to an end. I needed to hear the piano again. If you are busy, let the song play in the background. If not, feel free to imagine what kind of video would suit it better. Honestly, why aren’t there more videos for this man’s songs?

Beauty and sadness are once more brought together in a story where life and death go hand in hand… death is one step behind until one day it takes the lead. Or maybe death had nothing to do with this scenario. Maybe the two lovers decided to follow different paths when fleeting moments of happiness were no longer enough. You know… to be honest, the music and some of the lyrics (pay attention to the group which is repeated the most) made me think of Kami. I know that the song was written long before his death, but I keep making this connection. It could just as well as something simpler: the regret felt after a breakup, clinging to memories and longing to return to that place where happiness seemed to reside.

And yet you can’t turn back time, what’s done is done. I like the fact that one of the ideas highlighted here is that regret might be your companion for many years and that feeling of emptiness will be there once a loved one is gone… but in the end you will find the strength to move on. And the words once left unsaid now take flight through this song. I’m not sure what led to the writing of Etude, but the result is gorgeous. Gackt knows how to take a painful experience and turn it into something meant to heal (him), something which will draw us closer to his music. How could we stay away when it is so addictive?

Let me end this with a question. I still have some catching up to do with Gackt’s latest work, so what newer songs would you recommend?

by Elena Atudosiei

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