Cosmic Field Trip IV

February 27, 2017

cosmic field trip 4 poem

Would you look?
Would you take a peek?
Into the great big void stare,
Radiation bursts… blinding glare;
Infinite routes to infinite universes,
Infinite riches and beauties,
Infinite “me’s” and “you’s”.
Infinite possibilities and choices not made,
Infinite dreams accomplished or dashed by routine’s blade.
Infinite loves, infinite losses,
Infinite half empty and half full glasses,
Unending generations, unending aspirations,
Bountiful rewards and machinations,
Bountiful fulfillments and fears, wars of worlds and nations.
Alliances, utopias, all mysteries once concealed,
Billions and billions of lives lost, taken, ‘till it can be revealed;
Would you look?
Would you dive for such a chance?
Would you jump just for a temporary glance?
Would you greet the monster easily?
Would you shake the devourer’s hand easily?
Would you grab a black whole’s, a wormhole’s hook?
Would you dance with this destroyer and life bringer?
A void eternally hungry bursting old stars,
Causing the birth of new ones: new solar systems, new galaxies, new civilizations
Would you partner with it for a brief view of such eternal grandiose?

by Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

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