Child of the Moon

February 23, 2014


Smiling child
Dancing in the moonlight,
Laughing and smiling to the stars above,
Play carelessly for as long as you can
For tomorrow will bring
Another beginning
And another end.

Sing to them,
Those who thrive in the night,
They who play in the darkness.
Only then will they be happy
And shall the evil be chased away.
Keep them at bay
Until the sun chased the darkness away
To bring another day.

Then you too
Shall sleep through the day,
Through the light
In the sacred fields of heaven
Without a worry.
None can harm you there
While you slumber in the light.

And when you wake again
The sun will be gone again
And the darkness will cover the field
And the moon will purify the darkness
And you shall dance and play
And sing the night away.

Peace and harmony depend on you
To chase the evil away
And keep hope in the hearts of all
Who dwell in the night and play
Along with you, child of the moon,
Kin to the stars,
Light in the darkness.

So dance, child!
Play and laugh and make merry,
Keep the evil away
Until again comes
The light of day.

Sursă imagine

by Elena Atudosiei


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