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February 11, 2015

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Midday Madness: Cheat Codes for Living

In this day and age
It’s all about speed and eagerness to rage.
Too many seek to blame others for every problem,
Yet to stand their ground and claim responsibility, apparently it’s too much to fathom.
The shortcut to a win is tempting,
The easiness of accomplishment is oh so thrilling…
So bright until it has realized a mess in its wake is left,
And when one solves the issue, another speaks louder
And claims it as his idea and yells out “Theft!!! Theft!!!”
Selfish bastards, a lot of us are,
Punching aimlessly, isolated in our own little world, a dark damp miserable car,
Tripping ourselves over, crashing into each other,
But to give a helping hand “Why should I bother?”
“Why SHOULD I for his, or her, troubles care?”
“I want what’s mine, seems only fair”
Indeed it does… it does look proper,
It does look fine when you’re a quick path seeker,
It does look bright when you demolish,
It does look quite fine when you smother others for your trophy to have the brightest polish.

by Vlad-Ovidiu Adam 

Image source: januscastrence

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