December 22, 2014

White_Snake_1977As I said before, in the article about my favourite Romanian rock band, there was a certain period in my life – early adolescence, to be more precise – when I listened intensely to rock and metal. Even if that part of my life is lost somewhere in the past, there are bands and songs I still enjoy today, most of them belonging to the 70s and 80s.

For my first song review, I chose a power ballad written and performed by English rock singer David Coverdale, entitled Blindman. It appeared on the 1977 solo album White Snake and on the 1980 album of the band he founded, (Whitesnake) Ready an’ Willing. Whitesnake has many beautiful and interesting songs such as Fool For Your LovingIs This LoveAin’t No Love In The Heart Of The City, but Blindman is a ballad I have recently discovered and I can still listen to it without getting tired. Before I start, I would like to add that the interpretation you are about to read below is how I understand and feel the song, so don’t laugh if I get it wrong. It’s just for imagination’s sake.

The song begins very low with the electric and the acoustic guitar, but also with the singer’s melancholic voice, who seems to confess himself to the listener. Accompanied by the acoustic guitar, the narrator contemplates on good and bad things from his past and wants to find a better path in life. After the first stanza, the acoustic part switches to the sounds of the electric guitar and the drums that accentuate the times of hardship the man went through: the wrong decision he made and the illusions he wasn’t aware of. After all that he has been through, he realizes that life is worthless without a friend who could show him the way and guide him in his darkest hours. I believe that the Blindman is a symbol of the narrator’s numbness and confusion, but the crescendo in Coverdale’s voice (from the second half of the power ballad) makes me think of the despair and the man’s ardent wish to change his life.

In short, this song, as most of the power ballads I love, strikes (at least) a chord when I hear it, but it also lets my thoughts run aimlessly through my mind, whether they are moments from the past or plain daydreaming. What do you think about this song? Did it remind you of something or someone?

by Alina Andreea Cătărău

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