December 15, 2014


I wake, I shudder,
I look around for you, yet I cannot gather,
I can’t upon you gaze and feel your touch, I stumble and falter.
Yet I know deep within you’re always keeping me company,
As your voice reaches me through the phone,
As I read your words online and all my woes no longer persist,
As anger and sorrow give way to joy, they stand no chance to resist,
You are mine alone!

I fall asleep, my dreams are invaded,
Nightmares take their leave, their influence completely faded,
Their horrors have no hold,
Your angel figure gives them no chance, they dare not be bold.
The experiences we shared, the adventures yet to come,
They strengthen me and assure no harm will be done.
In a paradise we’ll linger,
A home to lay in safety and ignore the fools who dare judge or point a finger;
The idiots who dare attack our haven
Will see nothing in return given.
You are mine alone!

by Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

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