December 12, 2014


We are two opposite shades of the same colour
or two leaves carried by the wind.
Even if there is a clear antithesis between us,
It may sound like a small Gothic poem:
I am the light when you are darkness,
I am the life when you are death,
I am the goodness when you are wickedness,
I am the love when you are the hate,
I am the virtue when you are the sin,
I am the hope when you are despair,
I am the laughter when you are the sob,
You’re the mistress of mind and skill
While I’m the fairy of feelings and dreams.

Even though we are like the sun and moon, we don’t fight,
Because we are both put under the charming spell of writing
and the fire of creation has enough heat for everyone
who needs a little inspiration.
So take your pen and write about handsome yet cold-hearted vampires and howling werewolves,
while I’m crafting a sensitive poem or a romantic scene for my short stories.

by Alina Andreea Cătărău

Image source: Ellyevans679

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