Alltime10s and Alltime Conspiracies

January 14, 2015

all-time-10sA while ago I wrote an article about Canadian youtuber Matthew Santoro and I mentioned the fact that I found his channel via Alltime10s. Now I’m going to give a “shout out” to those brilliant Brits, who made me learn so many things regarding any topic you can think about: history, conspiracy, science, politics, music, films, psychology, daily life and so on. But let’s not make haste.

John Babb and Dave Jackson created Alltime10s almost five years ago, having the purpose to put unique and interesting information in top ten lists, dressed in high quality effects. The presentation is also important for them and for their viewers. As well as Matt, they gather information only from trusted sources, not only online stuff, because they care very much about the authenticity of their facts and about what their viewers learn. Due to their professionalism and their engaging videos, their main channel has reached almost 3 million subscribers and it’s not hard to understand why. Lately, Dave and John created a new weekly series called 10 Amazing Facts We Found This Week, released every Friday, where each of the two presents a fact and after you finish watching the video, you decide whose facts were the best.

There are a lot of videos and I’m sure I haven’t seen all of them;there are many I like and some which are a bit scary. However, all of them are worth watching. It’s really hard to choose the best lists, but I’ll try to mention a few: 10 Useless Human Body Parts10 Surprising Ways To Offend People In Other Countries, 10 Places To Visit Before They Disappear, 10 Unbreakable Codes, 10 Famous Hoaxes, 10 Sings That Someone Is Lying and so on. A top ten list that really freaked me out was 10 Disturbing Child Experiments.

For the conspiracy addicts, there is another channel called Alltime Conspiracies, which was presumably inspired by 10 Secret Documents – they were told to take down the original version of this video, therefore it underwent some changes. When the creators were asked by if they believe all the conspiracies (from their videos) to be true or not, John and Dave answered that they always try to remain objective, since “even the most seemingly unbelievable conspiracy theory could one day be proven true with new evidence”. In the Alltime Conspiracies videos they present the multiple theories, but they don’t come with an answer, because that wouldn’t be a conspiracy anymore. In the end, they let you decide whether a theory is true or not.

I don’t watch their conspiracy theory videos very often, but when I do, I watch a few in a row. Here are some Alltime Conspiracies content for all time conspiraciesyou to read, hear – some videos have a narrator – and meditate upon them: Is Walt Disney Frozen?, Is Atlantis Real or Just a Myth?, Who Really Wrote Shakespeare’s Plays?, Who Was Jack The Ripper?, Cartoons’ Subliminal Messages, Paul McCartney Is Dead: The Theory. And more mind-blowing conspiracies, which I’ll let you explore by yourselves.

Before ending this article, I would like you to know that there are other two Alltime channels, which are cool for those interested in these subjects: Alltime Numbers, which shows statistics concerning various topics and Alltime magic. Enjoy their magnificent content and leave a comment with a video suggestion on their channels or on their facebook page; I’m sure they will appreciate it.

by Alina Andreea Cătărău


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