March 18, 2014


Motto: “God hath given you a face, and you make yourself another.” (William Shakespeare – Hamlet)

I want to leave the past behind
Along with tears locked in a chest,
To chase bad thoughts out of my mind,
‘Cause peace is such a welcomed guest.

Fake friends and bad influences,
It’s high time for us to depart,
To skip all sorts of circumstances
And to seek new paths to start.

Sarcasm may seem a little rude,
But new experiences have shown
That those who mock and lie are brutes,
So my wounds bleed and distrust grows.

Often I am fed up with people
And I isolate myself again,
But I should better face the evils
– To live alone is not a good plan.

I hate fake friends more than break ups
And flattery as much as lies.
So please spare me of all this bad luck
– Just be yourself and don’t play disguise!

by Alina Andreea Cătărău

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