April 10, 2014

abbreviationsWe’ve all encountered them at some point, in our own language or in a foreign one: the abbreviations, the ones that can make our lives either easier or a lot more difficult. Why? It’s all very nice when you know the meaning behind them and can use them in writing or understand the message from a single glance. But what happens when you stumble upon an abbreviation and you don’t know what it stands for or how you are supposed to pronounce it? If you don’t know its meaning, you won’t be able to use or maybe even translate it. With that in mind, I made a short list with some abbreviations. Beginners, we all know how difficult it is to learn a new language; the following article will, hopefully, offer you some of the answers you need.

–          aka: also known as;

–          anon: anonymous;

–          AmE: American English;

–          asap: as soon as possible;

–          BA: Bachelor of Arts; bachelor’s degree;

–          BrE: British English;

–          e.g.: exempli gratia; example given, for example;

–          HAND: have a nice day;

–          i.g.: id est; in essence, in other words;

–          MA: Master of Arts; Magister Artium; Master’s degree;

–          Miss: I know, it’s not an abbreviation, but it completes the following set. It is used when you speak of/with an unmarried Some Abbreviations which we dont knowwoman.

–          Mr: Mister or Master; used for both married and unmarried men;

–          Mrs: Misses or Mistress; used for married women;

–          Ms: /ˈmɪz/; used for both married and unmarried women;

–          PhD: Doctor of Philosophy; philosophiae doctor;

–          smth: something;

–          smb: somebody;

–          sp.: spelling;

–          St: saint;

And the list remains open, waiting to be updated.

by Elena Atudosiei

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