A Reader’s Universe

October 27, 2016


Many worlds have I seen,
On the roads to great adventures I have been.
Many lives I have lived,
In different atmospheres I have breathed.
Countless worlds and lives I’ve seen lost,
As goodwill and morality aside were tossed.
I have witnessed heroes rise and smite cruelty incarnate down
Treated with great respect, yet…
as years went by, each of them was treated as a mere clown;
With dissent and hatred,
They became that which they fought with passion, will heated.

I’ve traveled to the far reaches of the universe,
Seen stars die in wonderful explosions
and, with them, how new life began to disperse.
The elements formed in the nuclear heart of fiery giants,
Murderers and saviors… to the cosmos… the parents.

I’ve lived through the rise and fall of empires here on Earth,
I’ve seen every death and witnessed every birth,
I’ve shifted to galaxies beyond,
In parallel universes I’ve ran though,
Tasted sounds’ delicious vibrations and heard wonderful colors’ hue,
Drowned in oceans of gold… ties formed that will never break their bond.

I’ve seen plenty, but not all,
I haven’t finished flying,
I’m not done diving,
I’m not done riding creativity’s endless river,
I’ve not gone through every tingling and every shiver,
Not finished climbing imagination’s boundless wall.

by Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

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