Yuki no Hana

January 24, 2017

yuki no hana gackt

The song I chose for today is not exactly a new one. Yuki no Hana was released in 2003 and it belongs to Mika Nakashima, although there have been quite a few other musicians who covered it in different languages. For example, I remember first listening to Hayley Westenra singing Snow Flower and only afterwards discovering the original version. You can choose to begin with the English version or the Japanese one… either way, I promise you will fall in love with the song.

I decided to speak about Gackt Camui’s interpretation simply because it is easier to find and I am more familiar with it. I’ve always believed that there is something awfully sad about the song, probably because of the title itself and because of the way the melody washes over you in the beginning. Snow flowers are not meant to last for long and the symbol makes me think of coldness and heartache. While the tone holds a melancholic note until the end, the story itself is quite sweet. I feel that Gackt’s voice is a bit too strong and too loud for this song, but it is not unpleasant.

I love the contrast between the cold weather and the warmth of a home, the fact that the couple is protected from the outside world. There is a rather dark what if threatening their peace, but it is not strong enough to tear the lovers apart. This is the reason why I felt that it wouldn’t be right to describe this song as sad. It holds too much tenderness and hope and I can’t place it next to other songs whose lyrics are truly heartbreaking. Yuki no Hana is meant to bring a bit of joy, regardless of the version you choose as a favourite.

Take the time to listen to it (again and again), it’s perfect for winter. When we complain about the weather, or about the fact that there’s too much snow and we’re late for work, Yuki no Hana can be a reminder that this period of the year doesn’t lack beauty, especially if we are not alone. It’s all about love, promises, and tender moments which may seem to be fleeting, but they do not disappear from one’s memory.

by Elena Atudosiei

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