We welcome you!

January 9, 2015

welcome love_by_incolor16

Oh… dear sweet villain!
When and how did you become such a “despicable” felon?
Clever, sneaky thief!
How can you cause so much joy and at the same time so much grief?
How can you fly us to the highest peak
And yet whip us around and make us feel so weak?
Where did you acquire your skills?
Who taught you?
Who tortured you?
Who dragged you through thorn-covered hills?
What struck you in such a manner
That you go around cheering people and impaling them on your bright red banner?
When did pleasure and pain tear down your door,
Kidnapped and brainwashed you to do to so many people so much more?
Whatever the answer is, we welcome you!

For life is colourless,
Every treat… tasteless.
Every experience… utterly meaningless;
Whatever your “price” is… Love, we welcome you!

We open our doors and our minds for you to enter
And let you to your desires cater.
Whatever difficulty you bring… Love, we welcome you!

by Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

Image source: incolor16

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