Virgin Snow

April 24, 2016

virgin snow elitereMy lovelies, if you need to watch something sweet, that could make your problems fade in the back of your mind for an hour or so, I recommend Virgin Snow, a 2007 South Korean film. I can’t quite remember where and when I found this title or what exactly drew me to it, but I enjoyed it and returned to this story a few times over this past year.

It’s the story of two teenagers who meet in Kyoto, fall in love, and begin a relationship. It’s the spring of 2004 when Min (Lee Joon-gi), a boy from South Korea, comes to Japan. There, he meets Nanae (Aoi Miyazaki) at a shrine. It’s rather amusing watching them move and speak, because they cannot understand the other’s language. So what can one do in such a situation? Find a few common words and pay close attention to what the person in front of you is trying to say. It’s a bit awkward and perfectly adorable if you look from the outside. Anyway, they meet again at school, they become friends and that friendship soon turns into love.

The film lacks tension, that is its major flaw in my eyes. It’s lighthearted, fun and enjoyable, but something is missing when drama is added. There are sad scenes and family problems, but… the impact isn’t strong enough. You start watching the film and the accent falls on the budding relationship; everything which comes towards the end seems rushed. But that’s alright, because… well, I don’t know why, to be honest. Probably because I was simply looking for a film I could enjoy without looking too much for hidden messages.

Anyway, Min and Nanae are very young and in love and it’s nice to see them trying to find common points for their relationship. Art brings them together and communication becomes less of a problem once they begin to learn the other’s language. They’re adorable, somehow awkward and terribly sweet with their gestures. I’m not sure what to make of the Monk who appears from time to time, though. His scenes are funny and he acts as if he’s related to some sort of strange Fairy Godmother.

All in all, it’s a simple story, told through images, words and soothing music. The final image is perfect and, despite the fact that I would have loved to see a bit more, it was enough. I love happy endings and the promise that difficulties can be overcome. One request before I leave you: if anyone knows of other interesting films with the two actors mentioned above, please let me know. Until next time!

by Elena Atudosiei

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