Un Amico è Così

June 23, 2016

un amico e cosi elitereMy lovelies, today I felt like writing about a song I discovered years ago, thanks to one of my professors from high school. I was just learning Italian and music helped me understand the language better. I’m curious to see if we have any Laura Pausini fans reading our articles. For you and for my friends, here are a few words about Un Amico è Così.

The entire song speaks of friendship and how true friends act. The title itself can be translated as “a friend is like this”. It’s not like a list of rules or an attempt to diminish the importance of friends who do not stay for long in our lives… it’s much more important and more beautiful. I believe that not many people can be described using the words of the song, but if we are lucky and find those special souls who make our lives beautiful, we should hold them close and love them as they love us.

Un Amico è Così always reminds me of my own dear friends, those who support and understand me even when I don’t feel like talking about a certain problem or when I’m not exactly proud of my attitude. The song comes as a sort of reminder of what we have and what we must protect. You can’t expect to receive everything and never offer anything in return. That precious friend you have deserves to find in you a caring companion. Our friends are there for us, helping us through difficult times. And they need us to be there if they are the ones who need someone to lift a burden off their shoulders.

So it’s not really the music itself that draws me to the song. Its magic can be found in the lyrics and in Laura’s voice. They bring back good memories and I’m sure that they will make you think of your closest friends the moment you listen to this song. Surely there must be someone you know you can count on when things aren’t exactly easy. Never forget them.

by Elena Atudosiei

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