Thinking of London

July 5, 2014

thinking of london

I cannot work or sleep;
instead, I’m counting the days until I get there.
It’s all about floating and daydreaming,
as if I’m falling in love again with the city
where Copperfield strolled aimlessly,
lonely and abandoned,
or the place of so many crimes Sherlock strove to solve.

Yes, I’m in love with London ever since
our headmaster told us wittily
about England’s rich history and its monarchs.
Now I will finally have the chance
to visit Westminster Abbey,
where kings and queens were coronated,
the Tower of London,
where Anne Boleyn, Mary Queen of Scots and many more
were imprisoned and put to death…
But more than anything, I would like to find out
if London’s atmosphere is the same as in
the books I have read or as in the films I have seen.

by Alina Andreea Cătărău

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