The Pieces Are There

September 19, 2016


The pieces are there!
The shambles after years of dedication,
The chains of the wonder that was a prison,
The pieces are there.

The strain of memories,
The fights, the hilarity,
The struggles and relief,
The hopes for your combined future beliefs,
The pieces are there.

Slowly but surely they mend back,
With scars both on sides,
Making you stronger,
As new prospects in your conscience gather,
As hate and disillusion dissolve,
The pieces, all of them, are there.

As the past fades away,
With images of fulfillment
Turning into ones of torture and confinement,
You break free in the present’s warming sunshine ray.

The pieces are there.
Having built a fortress,
With sentinels ready to welcome a better and wiser empress,
A better companion for a new king,
A guarded one not fighting for all the golden chests,
A warrior ready for a hidden gem
From which true power and happiness can stem,
To spark the fires of love suddenly,
But not burn out his heart completely…
The pieces are there!

by Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

Image source: crystalisedx

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