The Light Inside

March 24, 2015

the light inside elitere

On the edge we stand ready to jump,
From the edge we look out and see emptiness.
At our limits, we extend a leg over, but are hauled in by happiness,
Pulled back from the brink and reminded
that love makes everything an insignificant stump.
Sand in the shoes, hair a total mess,
You think “How did it find me? Of where I am how did it know? How did it guess?”
“I did not have to lift a finger”
“In you, I always have and always will linger”
“With you I’ll travel to the end”
“Get you up and running when your will is hurt and bent”
“With you, I’ll see the world”
“Watch as every second of every day graciously unfold”
“And for the moment unknown”
“I’ll keep you ready, keep you gentle, prevent the heart from turning stone”
“I’ll drag you out whenever you hide”
“I’ll always be the guiding light inside”

by Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

Image source: InCraftyStitches

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