Silver Angel

February 10, 2014

silver angel

Gliding over a silver pool
In a dress of ivory white
An angel graces the sacred waters
It’s such a wondrous sight.

With eyes so blue
And locks a white gold
Her body so thin and fragile
But her gaze is so very bold.

Her skin is flawless
And softer than silk
Its colour is smooth
Like the purest of milk.

Her voice is like a harp
A beautifully soft tone
It soothes the soul
And every aching bone.

And upon her back
Is a pair of feathered wings
So unbelievably majestic
You’ve only seen them in your dreams.

As she walks atop the water
Without making a single ripple
Her movements are a graceful dance
Even though they are simple.

She gives a warm smile
So comforting and kind
No matter your surroundings
It’s all you see in your mind.

She beckons to you
And you greatly accept her hand
As she takes away your troubles
And brings you to a heavenly land.

by Elena Atudosiei

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