February 23, 2015


Such a big word
That is always ever present,
Keeping us against a double edged sword.
But we all look for it;
We all strive and search
For wholeness, completeness.
Because it is the culmination,
The reward to this…
To everything,
Bringing us to completion.
So never end your stride.
Always continue your search,
You’re on the right path.
Maybe you’ll find it
Waiting for you over the bend
On a park, sitting on a bench
And you’ll wonder
Where have you been any other day?
I do not pity you.
That would be such BS,
To ignore all the possibilities and your assets.
I only felt the need to tell you this
For whatever it’s worth.
Maybe it’s worth nothing
And that’s what fits.
Maybe you feel a boost
And you’ll keep looking for your missing piece.
I don’t know, and a thing I don’t expect.
Just remember that you’re on the right path
And maybe you could find wholeness
Sitting near a bay.
And you can both wander to each other…
Why didn’t I found you any other day?

by Noexis Llanos

Image source: Silppuri

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