December 7, 2014

sakurasouWhile I was writing about Fragrance, my mind kept running back to another one of Gackt‘s songs. It’s very short (less than three minutes) and it bears quite a delicate name: Sakurasou (Primrose). The song appeared on the 2005 album, Love Letter, but it reached my ears only a couple of months ago. I’ve been listening to it almost daily and I haven’t grown to hate it. Before anything else, allow me to show you the English translation of the lyrics:

“Shading your eyes from the light between the trees,
you turned around and softly smiled at me.
Inside of a calm breeze,
I was holding you before I even realized it
Blushing, you closed your eyes and softly kissed me
You were more beautiful than any other flower
I loved you
I always loved you.”

We don’t have a music video for the song and we don’t really need one. The way I see it, it is enough to close your eyes and you will visualize this brief episode. Personally, I see a couple (in this case, Gackt and a beautiful lady) in the park, during spring or early summer. They are young, happy and in love. It’s a fleeting picture-perfect moment, gone before you know it, leaving behind a bittersweet feeling. It might sound strange, but it’s as if you can taste it on the tip of your tongue, like the velvety touch of a fine drink. And then, if you give permission, it will flow into the deepest corners of your soul. There’s a smile, a kiss, a hug… and then it’s all gone.

It’s a memory, short and sweet and painful. A love story as delicate as a flower, there to be cherished before it’s too late. We can assume that Gackt thinks of his ex-wife or of another past lover whenever he sings this song. It’s not a secret for his fans that he has loved and lost a few times. So, while songs like Vanilla bring forth his wilder side, Sakurasou shows a completely different part of his personality, one we can only really see through music.

As for the melody, I like the fact that it’s quite playful in the beginning, sounding like a music box towards the end, as if fades away. All the while, Gackt’s voice is melancholic and the lyrics, while painting a gorgeous scene, keep reminding you that their story is over. Why and how… it no longer matters. I love the song. When I listen to it, it’s like the noise and everything that’s “too much” are forced to fade away for a few minutes, long enough for me to stop, admire and move on. If you feel the same way, you will return for more, no doubt about that.

by Elena Atudosiei

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