Peace of Mind and Soul

January 20, 2015

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How do we not see the failure?
How do we not comprehend that anger is our jailor?
How are we so blind and so spiteful?
Throwing ourselves at one another in a manner so awful.
Our bodies… our tombs,
We damage ourselves and future generations not yet out of their wombs.
We damage the present as we live guided by the past,
Guided by the laments of bygone eras,
Blindsided by outdated conflicts under leadership of corrupt dinosaurs.
Free yourself from these chains of ignorance,
Free yourself from meaningless burdens and open your arms to tolerance!
Leave behind the constant shadow of your worries,
Leave this constant path through mausoleums and cemeteries!
The circling vultures… bait them away,
The bastards will eat you alive if you let them lead you astray.
Keep going ahead and don’t take too many turns
Or you’ll find yourself covered in third degree burns.
Yet, in case you do, keep good track or you’ll end up stuck
In the marshes with quicksand… the pestering muck.
Follow your heart as well as reason,
Don’t rely on those who’ll led you to commit treason,
Don’t rely on others to solve your own issues
As they might worsen them just to see you buried in tissues.
In the end do not falter,
For not everyone looks to make you a traitor,
Not everyone wishes you harm or danger.
Until you widen your views and speak up, you never know,
You never realise how things truly flow…
How someone you’ve just met can be your best friend
As the previous turned out to be a complete stranger.
It might be tiresome quite often
To step boldly, stop following orders and be your own captain…
Yet the rewards are plentiful
When confidence and kindness are your weapons,
When compassion, empathy, wit and patience are your armies.
Peace of Mind and Soul IS possible.

by Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

Image source: PixieCold

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