Music Matters Part III

February 28, 2018

music matters 3 elitere

What would happen if you were gone?
Would we move on or slowly fade away like a dying sun?
Would we still have memories, warm emotions…
or sink tortured to our insanity’s deepest oceans?
Would we still grip easily to rationality or be just phantoms,
Shells of our former selves, cursed to live in a world with no rhythm?
Pale reflections captured in a toneless prison?

What would happen, dear music?
How would we evolve without your magic?
How would we find the drive to invent?
How could we ever again be content?
How would we fight against any torment?
How would we sail against misery’s torrent?
How could we flow on sorrow’s seas?
How would we outrun its plundering thieves?

Dear music, please never end!
Keep on ringing, give flavour to our lives,
Give colour to our days!

Dear music, please stay with us!
Lend us your healing skills
Make us breathe underwater, let us borrow your gills.
Give us back our memories, our dexterity, pour us your ambrosia,
Be our guiding light through the darkness of amnesia.

Dear music, please never cease!
For in you we will find strength, from any quicksand to get out with ease.
For in you we find the universe,
For with you we grow and gain power, knowledge and prowess,
For with you we’ll always tear away any burdening bond,
For with you we can never be losers on life’s battleground.

*Inspired by “Out of the Darkness” by My Indigo (Within Temptation’s Sharon Den Adel’s solo project) and Oliver Sacks’s Musicophilia

by Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

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