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October 10, 2015

misha collins elitere 1I know about Misha Collins from the series Supernatural. I can’t call myself a fan… not because I don’t like the show, but because I’ve only watched a couple of episodes. Why does it have to be so long, when will I get to see it all? Anyway… I wanted to learn more about Misha. I had a feeling I would not be disappointed and I was right. Enjoy!


“I suppose I’m most alive when I’m part of something that might wake people up into seeing the world or themselves differently or maybe helps expand our collective perception of what might be possible. Also, I think it would be dishonest to leave this out… I think I come most alive with heavy doses of caffeine.” (source)

I like to write poetry. I’m a published poet. I’ve been published in several literary magazines this year (2008). I also built the house that I live in. I paid my way through college as a carpenter and a woodworker. So I’ve built the house I live in and most of the furniture that’s in it, and I do a lot of woodworking still. And I also like the outdoors a lot. I spend a lot of time camping, and in the winter I do a lot of back-country camping and snowboarding up in the High Sierras. As long as you don’t hit trees you’re fine.” (source)

“I actually think that the most efficacious way of making a difference is to lead by example, and doing random acts of kindness is setting a very good example of how to behave in the world. While it seems small, it can ultimately be somewhat profound in various people’s lives. I know that when people have perpetrated such acts against me, that it has had a lasting effect on me, so I like to return the favor.” (source)

“I fell into a role on a sci-fi show, Supernatural, several years ago and quickly learned that the fan base for the show was incredibly active, enthusiastic, and devoted. They write fiction, create tons of artwork, build virtual communities online, and spend a lot of time and money traveling to fan conventions. When the earthquake struck Haiti a few years ago, I set up a donation page for UNICEF and posted the URL on my twitter feed. In twenty-four hours, more than $30,000 had been raised.

misha collins elitere 2I put two and two together and realized that I might be in a position to mobilize some of this creative energy to benevolent ends, and then set up a nonprofit with the help of the fans. The organization has grown beyond the Supernatural fanbase over the past couple of years. Now we have partnerships with other nonprofit and for-profit organizations (including a Nascar team, which is pretty badass), and we have pulled off some projects that I’m very proud of.” (source)

“I’m one of those people that think the world changes in smaller and in more mysterious ways than a lot of people like to think. A lot of traditional charities and organizations do things that on the surface seem like a good idea, but it doesn’t change the way that people think about interacting with other people.” (source)

Never accept it when someone tells you something is impossible. You’ll get far more accomplished in life. Ignorance also helps with this. Sometimes when we don’t know something is perceived as impossible, it suddenly becomes possible.” (source)

“I suppose giving without expecting anything in return isn’t something new, but it always pushes your happy button when you do it or see it. As far as living a life of service, I’d say don’t pressure yourself. Don’t worry about what others think you should do or what the societal “norm” is. Do what moves you and makes you smile and the “good” will follow.” (source)

Directing is a lot of fun, but you have to be on your toes every minute. If you zone out for even a second, you’ll miss something and things will get screwed up. And here’s a little secret that I’m going to let out of the bag: That is not the case with acting.” (source)

“I’ve never done too much inquiry into angels. And I always had, I think, the popular perception that angels are just strumming on harps and they’re wearing halos. And you might have a guardian angel who, I don’t know, helps makemisha collins elitere 3 sure you don’t get hit by cars and things like that. But just from reading the first two scripts, it immediately was clear to me that Castiel is not one of those angels. And, in fact, I kind of came out swinging on the set in the first episode with a little bit too much darkness.” (source)

Be kind to yourself so you can be happy enough to be kind to the world.” (source)

Image source 2: John Barrowman

by Elena Atudosiei

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