Midnight madness: Anxiety & Relief

December 18, 2014


Why am I so cautious… what is that I sense?
This… feeling that I am limbless?
What is this invisible force shield which every night stuns?
Why do I feel so defenseless, what is this current that drowns?

I feel weak, feel my limbs again but now they’re brittle,
My organs need care, I am so feeble.
I have a seringe, but I need the right needle.
Cold all around, blood is clotting, darkness turns into a jackal.

A small spark arises, the eyes adjust;
I see a torch now, echoes of a heavenly voice along with it,
This energy is overwhelming! I have to reach it!
My heart is racing… I feel stronger… predator at bay,
The chaos, the sickness… in ruins they lay.

I’m catching up to it. Hey, you! Wait!
It’s gone?Are you mocking me? Damn you, fate!
Where’s that luring, amazing life force?
That thing that brought me from the brink of death and gave me purpose?
Tap on the shoulder, I can’t help but stumble, fall and turn over
That amazing being closes in on me and gives a whisper
Shh! Now it’s all over!

by Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

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