Lust, Money & Murder 4

February 13, 2016

Book 4: Cattoretti’s Returnlust money murder 4 elitere

An Unstoppable Villain’s Thirst for Revenge

WarningLust Money & Murder is a book series where every book is the continuation of the previous one. If you haven’t read the book series and you are interested in doing so, please return to my review after finishing the previous book, because this article contains spoilers from it!

At the end of the third book, it seemed that Georgio Cattoretti met his match and Karma gave him what he deserved. However, in the fourth book, we find out that he is a little disabled, due to the fight he had with Elaine Brogan, but he is overall alive and kicking. Though barely surviving the fall, the waves and his injuries, Cattoretti is determined to hide from the local police, Interpol and the U.S. Secret Service that were looking for him. The memories and traumas caused by the time he was imprisoned in the U.S. made him vow to himself that he would rather commit suicide than spend another day behind bars. With the way the narration about Cattoretti’s survival and pitiful condition is told, it almost makes you sorry for him and his ingenuity reminds me of Robinson Crusoe.

But “the cat always lands on his feet” (Loc. 6074), as Cattoretti always said to himself. He manages to flee from Italy without being caught by the police and settles in Cyprus, where he lives peacefully for a while under a false identity. However, he is afraid that the Russian Mafia — let’s say… an old acquaintance who laundered his counterfeit money — was probably following him. The head of the organisation could spill the beans and Cattoretti’s contract killings would surface. Because he doesn’t want to be caught and he hopes to seek protection, the Italian criminal goes to Moscow to talk to Yuri Zubov. However, things are not that smooth and his life may be at stake…

As you already noticed, the main events in this book revolve around Georgio Cattoretti, his survival story, his plans to find a hideout and to make a comeback in the criminal world. However, the narration also shows the Italian criminal’s cynical relationship with his young submissive housekeeper and accomplice, Lexy. They travel to a few European countries and to Russia, where they have some interesting adventures, such as those from Amsterdam.

Personally, I truly enjoyed the information provided by the author about art and about the places visited by the characters. This all makes one feel the pulse of that certain city. The Italian criminal loves art, but inspiration strikes him in a bad way. He plans to make an immense art heist by stealing Pablo Picasso’s paintings from Hermitage Museum, but let’s not forget that he also wants to take revenge on Elaine Brogan. How will Georgio Cattoretti overcome all the obstacles? Will he achieve his goals? Read and you will find out! Until next time, don’t hesitate to pick a good book!

by Alina Andreea Cătărău

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