Lost in Time

June 17, 2015

lost in time elitere

I’m writing an article about a band I used to love
and their old songs make me feel lost somewhere in the past.
I don’t know why, but I’m getting emotional
when I think of those bitter-sweet times of my early adolescence,
when there was no Youtube to look for their songs and videos,
but only the radio and the music channels
which I watched all day long
and each time my favourite song was on, it felt like heaven.
Instead of Google Search there were only posters and articles from the teen magazines
I kept neatly in my small collection,
and unlike the tweets and facebook posts from the official pages of today’s musicians,
there were rare interviews and sometimes documentaries,
which I was eager to see
as well as the unforgettable concerts
that cannot be compared with anything else.

Even though the Internet opened new paths for me,
I sometimes think of those innocent days.

by Alina Andreea Cătărău

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