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April 4, 2014

1976935_10151735728077168_516033043_nOr “Fan Fiction: Part 2”. As I said in the first article, this is the second part, an interview with Kyla Andersen. She writes a lot, and not only fan fiction… and she’s incredibly talented. Don’t believe me? Have a look at her work. Grab a coffee or a glass of wine and read what she says about what she loves the most (art), about fan fiction, books, movies and the importance of creativity.

Tell us something about yourself, help us know you better. Who is Kyla in everyday life and on the internet? What does she do?

Kyla: Well, unfortunately, my life is not what I would like. I spend most of my time at work (horrible job at a supermarket). When I get home I either sleep or attempt to write.

I do get to do things I like though, I talk to my UK friend Farhana every night. I draw when I feel like it. Maybe one day I’ll get to use my new sewing machine. I’m big on arts and making things and being all round creative. Plus, I’m ALWAYS singing (much to the annoyance of my flatmates). Hopefully I will soon be starting a course in art, and later one in library studies.

Once in a blue moon I will go out to the pubs with my mates, although that’s died down due to issues with my liver. Oh, and I spend all my work breaks writing in my notebooks. I am also an all out geek. All my hobbies are expensive, but fun. I’m about to spend a few weeks looking after two of my cousins and helping my mum photograph a wedding. That will be interesting.

At the moment I’m kind of just waiting for my hours to die off so I have time to do things. And time to make my life better.

Let me tell you, you write wonderful stories. What made you start writing fan fiction? For how long have you been writing?

Kyla: Well, whenever I read a book or watched something, as I read I would see things fold out differently in my head, or see different things that could have happened. Kind of like seeing multiple time-lines. I see different ways people could have reacted or handled things, or if some other circumstance would have happened. Eventually it got to the point where I just had to get it all out and write it down. And I found that even though I struggled with the writing itself (spelling and such) my words painted a decent picture.

I also wrote my own stories at the time, always coming up with new ideas. My brain doesn’t really stop. I kind of 10173650_10151735738712168_327190342_nstarted out small, just writing things in the back of my school book. But then I discovered you could post things like this online. Though, I didn’t really get so into it until I discovered Doctor Who. And even more surprisingly, quite a few people seemed to like my writing and ideas. All the reviews really meant a lot to me. As someone who had considered myself useless at reading and English my whole life, to see that response was the best thing in the world. So I kept going, and kept creating more.

What does art mean to you? Can you imagine a world where art is non-existent?

Kyla: Art means more or less everything. To me, art covers a wide variety of things, and all of my hobbies are artistic. Writing, drawing, sewing, singing, acting, cosplay… the list I could write would go on for ever. Take away art and you’ve pretty much taken away almost everything that makes me ME. So I couldn’t possibly conceive a world without art, because that would be a world where I did not exist.

The way you see it, what is the connection between art and fan fiction? Is fan fiction a form of art?

Kyla: Of course it is. To me, writing is a form of art. So is show making. You are using words to create something. To paint people a picture and tell an incredible story. Shakespeare is art, KJ is art, say any author and I will tell you that their work is art. Why is fan fiction any less better just because it’s born from a preconceived idea?

We all need inspiration in what we do. What inspires you when you write or draw?

Kyla: Erm… Hmm. Inspiration is hard. I don’t really know. I guess I just have little ideas that pop into my head. I see little connections in the smallest things. No matter what, my brain is always coming up with new ideas. Sometimes I’ll see something, sometimes it’s a sound or connecting two similar things. To be honest I don’t really know. Anything and everything is an inspiration if you look at it the right way.

I found your stories thanks to Doctor Who. How did you discover this programme, was it love at first sight?

Kyla: Well, sadly everyone in my family can’t stand Doctor Who… Well, my Mum and her sisters at any rate. My grandparents used to watch Pertwee and Baker, but don’t really care for it now. So growing up I was never allowed to watch it. I saw a lot of references to it everywhere, but was unable to connect them.

10154158_10151735743187168_2105983640_nI can remember that once I was channel flicking and came across the end part of ‘The Empty Child’. But my mum made me change the channel once she came inside (it was a marathon). The first episode I fully saw was ‘The Shakespeare Code’. Tennant grew on me instantly. I was really interested to know who this ‘Rose’ was. Also, they talked about Harry Potter and the entire thing was about Shakespeare. Of course it was love at first sight.

Thing is, I don’t actually remember what got me into watching it properly. I think a friend gave me part of season 4 and 5. So I had seen more of 11 before I saw 9 and 10. Just those few episodes had me wanting to watch more, and at the time I worked in the library and was able to lend out free DVDs from there. So I got out every DVD I could, including some classics. I got addicted fast. Especially to season 2.

What prompted you to write about the Doctor and Rose?

Kyla: Well, as I said, season 2 was my favourite, and it was mainly because of those two. They just had such a strong chemistry and an amazing bond. Their relationship was complex and interesting, and the things they did had so many possibilities. Plus the characters were really well done and well-rounded and just brilliant to work with. I found I could channel them pretty easily.

Mind you, it is a personal joke between my friends that I am their daughter. We were comparing each other to Doctor Who characters and when it came to me they were tossing up on if I was Rose or 10. In the end they decided I was their daughter and it just kind of stuck. Some of them still refer to the Doctor as my Dad. It’s fairly entertaining. (They also found my fob watch with Gallifreyan symbols on it. So now their getting suspicious).

If anyone asked you, how would you describe Doctor Who and this couple?

Kyla: Well, I’m very talkative. Extremely talkative. I would probably start out by telling them that it is incredible, but extremely complicated. I would attempt to tell them what I mean without telling them the entire thing… And then I would end up telling them the entire thing with side exclamations on the characters and ideas and how amazing it all is.

As for the Doctor and Rose, I would tell them the storyline before going into depth on how they were really feeling, and what they never really said beneath all the looks and hugs. I would basically just fangirl all over the place.

There’s a guy who comes in to buy his groceries just before midnight some nights. And since I finish then and I bike home, he usually waits for me and bikes me home to make sure I’m safe. (Sounds odd, but he’s a sweetie). We talk as we bike and I’ve quite often told him of my interests. His main conclusion. I am a full on nerd. He is really astounded by how passionate I get when 10154237_10151735740112168_847690397_ntalking about something like Doctor Who.

If you met the Doctor and he offered to take you visit any planet/place on Earth, at any time in history, where would you go? Who would you like to meet?

Kyla: Hmmm…. Hard to say. I would probably ask him if I could stay. Because there is SO much I want to see. So much that I want to know. I adore learning new things. I would want to see everything. I would want to meet everyone, especially those who I just find so awe inspiring. Plus it would be cool to see if my books are published in the future.

How would you define beauty?

Kyla: To me, beauty is anything that makes you want to enjoy it forever. It’s something that makes you want to see, taste, hear, smell or feel for as long as you possibly can. Beauty is something that really speaks to you and gives you feelings that you can barely understand. Beauty is something that makes you happy.

What are some of your favourite books? What would you say to those who claim that reading is a waste of time?

Kyla: I have way too many favourite books. It’s easier just to say that I adore anything that is fantasy. I haven’t really found a reality based book that I’ve actually found interesting, because for me, I live in reality, it’s not much different. But fantasy books are incredible. The possibilities are endless and the ideas are beautiful. I could never get enough of them.

“How did boredom even get invented?” says the Doctor at one point. What would your answer be and how do you keep from falling into the trap of boredom?

Kyla: To be honest, I think boredom is created by simple minds and the inability to do what you love.

I am an only child, and I lived on a rather large land. I have always found a way to entertain myself be it books, art or going on an adventure. I look after my step brothers and my cousins and I’m quite honestly astounded when they tell me they are bored. There is so much to do in life. The only times I can recall being bored is when I haven’t had the means to do anything. (Hence why I always carry around a sketch book and notebook around with me at all times).

When I’m bored, I mostly write these days. Or I draw, or sing. Sometimes I just sit there and think of ideas… I have WAY too many hobbies or interests.

10156049_10151735743362168_975708044_nTell us something about your plans for the future? What should people who read your stories (myself included) expect from you? The best of luck in everything you do!

Kyla: Well, as I said earlier, I hope to be starting a few courses at uni by the end of the year. That does mean my writing time will drop a little, but my work hours will also be dropping off soon. The courses I will be doing are Visual Art and Graphic Design, Library Studies, and Children’s Literature. Maybe one day I’ll even do another course in English and in Creative Writing.

As for my writing. I will be updating some of my personal ones when I can on my website. And my fics… well, I have a lot in store. Not only will I be finishing the ones I have already put up, but I have started a lot that I haven’t. Most of them will be Rose / Doctor. Some are crossovers. I’ll eventually be putting up some fics that are not Doctor Who related at all. And of course, I have the last story in the ‘Forever By Your Side’ trilogy up my sleeve. I’m already foreshadowing things for it in ‘Through the Stars’, because ‘Through Light and Dark’ will be mostly of my own making.

And to top it all off, I have also opened a new account. It’s a co-author account between Farhana and I. During our nightly chants we have come up with many a story idea. We’re not posting anything till we are at least 3 chapters into each. But I will let you know when we do.

Thank you!

by Elena Atudosiei

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