Intuition Never Lies

September 23, 2015

intuition never lies

Motto: “Intuition is the voice of the spirit within you” (Morgan Llywelyn)

Mysterious entity with airy hair
Who’s always guiding me and makes me be aware
When something’s wrong or danger lies ahead
For my well-being and it’s not all in my head,
‘Cause bad decisions cost me a lot of time,
Torment the mind and stab that heart of mine…

Sweet intuition is a gift from God,
That caring sister whom I never had,
Whose purpose is to frequently remind
That I can’t make decisions with my mind,
Because reason is cold and materialistic,
Not like the heart, my true and trustful psychic,
That can detect the negative impressions
About a place, a person and one’s intentions
To dominate, to trick me or just simply
One sends me the message that one doesn’t like me.

My dear intuition, seed of the divine,
Always brings me back to that love of mine
That blows my mind with every paragraph
Of each story I read and I can’t get enough;
Yet, good literature is more than child’s play
And for this love, who knows what price I have to pay?…

by Alina Andreea Cătărău

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